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Air Freight Services

Firstlane Logistics Ltd will be your proud partner for worldwide import and export of your Air Freight.

Air Freight

Firstlane Logistics Ltd has freight experts available to assist you as much as possible in documentation of your cargo and keep you up to date on the process.

Firstlane Logistics (K) Ltd Air freight transportation is a fast and efficient shipping method that is particularly valuable to businesses needing to get products to international customers quickly or stay on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model. Firstlane Logistics(K) Ltd will help your lower cost while also providing exceptional customer support.

  • Fresh Meat

    Beef/Fresh Meat – Just like fresh horticultural produce, Firstlane Logistics handles fresh meat by air. Firstlane Logistics (K) Ltd adheres to FDA recommendation on handling of meat and chilled foods during transportation. Meat for instance must be carried at temperatures between about -1,5°C and +5°C. For some products an upper maximum temperature of not more than 2°C may be specified, e.g. for chilled beef an upper limit of 0°C is recommended; delivery air of chilled meat should never be lower than -1,4°C, as otherwise there would be the risk of freezing injury (ice crystal formation). Firstlane Logistics (K) Ltd ensures that the containers used during air freight meet the recommendations for health and safety and that the cargo arrives at it’s destination on schedule.

  • Live Animal (AVI)

    We handle both air imports and exports of live pets, beneficial insects, horses, reptiles, live tropical fish, etc. We have well trained and experienced staff on live animal regulation (LAR)

  • Hides

    Hides from Kenya are a major export used in the fashion industry world-wide Firstlane Logistics (K) Ltd ensures that your cargo is delivered to its destination.

Human Remains

We handle both air import and export of human remains.

Coffee & Tea Exports

We handle tea & coffee exports from Kenya to most destinations by air.

Personal Effects

We handle both import & export of house hold items by air. We can offer door-to-door service on request.

Dangerous Goods

We handle dangerous goods by air like engines, flammable gases/liquids, corrosives, infectious and radioactive materials and advice clients on both documentation and handling requirements per carrier/state.


We handle urgent garments/ fabric/ accessories from/ to Kenya by air as we understand clients’ timeline.

Diplomatic Cargo

At Firstlane Logistics (K) Ltd we handle both import and export. Diplomatic Shipments or Diplomatic Cargo are items that are consigned to government officials and employees of countries who have a diplomatic mission/duty. These cargo shipments have certain legal protection as they are considered official diplomatic correspondence. Diplomatic Cargo can also include belongs of an outgoing Ambassador needing to return to Kenya or a foreign ambassador who want to travel back to their home country we can expedite shipment of such cargo. Our company handles other commodities like hand crafts, sculptures, minerals etc.

Our services

Other services we offer

Ocean Freight

We handle both import & export by Sea through Mombasa and Inland container depot in Nairobi (ICDE).

Road Freight

We offer road transport both locally and cross border. All trucks we use have tracking devices…


Our facilities in Kenya are diverse in their product mix and handling requirements, from small…